Gliver, first I made no comment on that.  I commented on your revenue trend post.  Keep it straight if your going to bash.  You were not talking in a future tense when you posted.

Second, you have no idea what Patrick knows or if he knows. 

Third, financials are always trailing and since before 2011 everyone has said next quarter.  Every quarter they are wrong.  Everything that was suppose to make money has not made any.  That is the one trend.  The company has missed payments and warned about liquidity issues in summer.

The other trend is the float.  Since Jan1 the float has increased 5.5 million shares and 18.4 million since the start of the last quarter.  Last year the float increased 46.1 million shares and 9.9 million shares were released from escrow.  This not include any full dilution items which also increased.

In 15 days the loan is also up.