Tgarfield, Patrick Bultema knows where this is going.  The trailing financials you are looking at are now irrelevant.  Lets look forward to the next quarterly financials and the one after that, then your criticism or praise at that future time will be welcome here.  The next financials will be reporting revenues from any recent deals, so we shall see.  Are you ever as patient as a long can be?  Fact:  Longs are longs because most are quite patient.  They don't call in the army to shovel snow UNLESS it becomes absolutely necessary.  With some ot the comments by hardcore bashers here over the past few years, some of you have gone way ahead of yourselves.  You must face the paddle now, and for some of you that paddle will be huge.  However, the 24x7 posters should be able to take it like a man, I think?