Actually Bzero.  I think you are a jerk, completely and totally.  I have only been obvious and blatant about my feelings about what I would like to see and Yappn does it for me.  This is what I wanted.  Frankly, I wasn't necessarily confident in all the other revenue generating concepts and, notwhithstanding that some argued with me on them and I was being objective as to what I suspected, some called me a basher and where are they now....Gone and was I right... probably.  Anyway, You are absolutely the prime example of why there is no middle ground here.  Don't want to hear one side and they don't want to hear the other, when, the reality is somewhere in between.  Actually, now I think you are a complete loser or perhaps playing along with the other side.  You can go look at my posts,   Funny, someone doesn't like why I say and I am either a basher or a pumper here.  Total joke and no one here is really living in reality anymore.  One day I am a basher, one day I am a pumper and, frankly its just a joke.  Not sure what y ou are smoking really, but all good for y ou for smoking that.  Frankly, At this SP, I think we might have a good go, but of course, I'm not out there telling everyone that this will be $3.00 per share like you would hope so y ou don't seem to like what I have to say.  You are a goof just like cousin and frankly, doesn't matter what you say, Its my money, not yours and you can sit here and tell me what you think I should do with my own hard earned cash and barate the board as to what you believe everyone should do here with their own money as if you were some type of high falutant GOD.  Really.  You haven't got anything right here at all nor have posted anything useful to anyone and you follow sync with the bashers all.  Talk about a waste of breath.  Seriously  You are all goofs.  So,  B Zero..Go shut it down, take a breather and take a look at what is going on around you and you might just find out its just not all about you.  DORK