Recently a report was posted here by mini-me in regard of insiders transactions. That poster even highlighted that more than 500 transactions took place in the last 3 months for over 42,000,000 shares (yes 42M shares in 3 months). Even when confronted to the problem mini-me supported by royallyscrewed only answer was that I was nut and losing my marbles…. What they did not know at that time was that I had already contacted enquiring about that misleading and totally untruth report. By the way those guys are gentleman and they never accuse me of being .nutty. for questioning their own report. They came to the same conclusion that the report was produce in a weird pattern and were looking at how it was possible. To the opposite, anybody looking at SEDI would have been able to find out the exact insider transactions. One example was that David Lucatch would have sold well over 800k shares on January 17th when in fact the real number was 20K.

For some investors, simply looking at this report could have made them sell but they would have done that for the wrong reasons.

So this simply proves a point: always do yourself a favor and do your own DD. Never trust what is said on this board EVEN if it seems to contain information coming from usually reliable sources.  Quotemedia did had a problem and they will fix it but those posters in here refute instantly that they could have made mistake, they reiterate that they were right no matter what the evidences were put in front of them.

I am sure that come other will try to crush this post (I already know from who it would come from) but again BE CAREFUL ALWAYS do your own DD. DO not trust anybody here and as they say on wall street: If you want to make a new friend in that business, go buy a dog (or a horse).                  François