BZero:  You idiot.  You are the one who copied TZero's alias.  You have wanted to be TZero since you registered that copy-cat alias of yours.  TZero has handled you like a cat handles a mouse.  Total domination.  You are like a flea biting at the toes of a Mountain Lion.  Total impotence. Total insignificance.


TZero just messaged me from his new BlackBerry BB10.  Says he threw his iPhone and iPad in a snowbank.  Tells me he might not return to this Board because it has become useless because a few foolish INT-Longs have become irrational and post like zombies 24/7.


It's time for a reality check: This company has had two years starting with $24 million in cash to make something happen and the results are disappointing.   The money is gone and INT now faces an ongoing cash shortage because they don't have any products that  generate a positive cashflow. Their new ventures..YAPPN and Poynt....will require funding but they both appear to be a long way from generating a positive cashflow.  The compnay needs revenues and positive cashflow immediately.


I is MY OPINION...that INT is heading to 5 cents right after they release the Q2 Financial results.  The results are going to be so ugly even the Pumpers won't be able to spin the results into a pretty picture.  They will be more ugly than BZero after he loses 400 pounds.   I expect the revenue to be as low or perhaps even lower than Q1 and I anticipate the losses to at least equal Q1 and I anticipate the company was still technically insolvent at the end of Q2.   I expect continued low cash reserves.  So overall I anticipate and expect  not much of an improvement over Q1.


Recent developments are not encouraging:

The emergance of Spotcast as "son of Poynt" is troubling especially now that it  has been approved by BlackBerry.   Where is the PYN App?  Does anybody have a clue when it might be resurrected?  Each passing day puts the Poynt APP further behind.   It appears that horse is still in the stable and the Spotcast racehorse has left the post long ago and is in the home-stretch.


In the opinion of