play on the toroto exchange ,so y are you still here rubbing salt in wounds. Obviously you haven't been listening to the anti bullying ads that have been all over the media. I think you should stop giving your advice as i know how useless it really it is. let me remind you of the post you made on the tethys board a couple of weeks back when it was int the low .50s and you said it was going to retrace back to the low thirtys because of your charts. Novice at best when the charts at the point meant nothing. Tethys is now in the high .70's. I knew if I threw out that piece of cheese back then that a rat would gobble it up, you didn't disappoint.

Somehow yoy tzippo have grown old, like some of the pumpers as much as they don't have a clue you have proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that either do you, back in your hole.