Celebrity and Social Media Sell:

  • Jessica Simpson's social media celebrity helped build Ulta, the beauty and makeup salon company, into a $-billion dollar business!  ULTA stock is up 2,222% since March of 2009!

  • Salma Hayek, uses Facebook and Twitter to promote her Nuance line of 100 beauty products carried in more than 6,000 CVS drugstores.

  • Antonio Banderas is said to make more $millions from promoting his Blue Seduction fragrances on Facebook and Twitter than he does from a movie.

  • Thanks to their celebrity, and social media following, the Olsen twins' fashion empire is now worth a whopping $1 billion. 

  • Mario Lopez has used his celebrity and the social media to make TheHairStyler.com a leading paid-site for virtual hairstyles from top salons around the world.

  • Drew Barrymore will launch her Flower brand in the spring with lots of help from Facebook and Twitter.

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