Know this clowns:  TZero is not a wolf.  He is a least I think that is what he is last time I saw him in the company of a hot babe.   It is anticipated and expected that he could return possibly soon.


As you know, I am a Turkey Vulture.  My specialty is identifying and exposing turkeys such as you and BZero. 


I am angry at the pumpers like you two losers because I listened to them and bought INT at $3.15 in April 2011.  TZero tried to warn me not to do it but I had him on IGNORE.   I have trippled down but my average is still $1.98. 


I don't like the new YAPPN App name..It reminds me of being scolded for talking too much.  What's even worse is now some ex-PYN developers have re-invented the PYN software and got approved by Blackberry.  Any non-compete agreements would not survive the they can't be stopped with a Lawsuit or injunction.  This is depressing news.  Herman might never get his INT investment back.


Any advice would be welcome.  Herman feels like a pumper-idiot for ignoring the great TZero.


In the Opinion of