Hey iice based on burn rate, and the vague nr today, how do feel about an .08 debenture?  At 15%

the 3.4 million is debt settlement, cash and shares. And we see how dilution works


"hi. We have an $0.08 cent a share loss with 360 000 000 (MILLION) shares out. We have no earnings essentially in our new media division. We spent 500 000 dollars a month to support the consumer growth we experienced. Aka we paid to play on your money. And we got zero back. We got BZERO (beyond zero) back. Why does the CEO still have his job?  


One word




I should buy my 400 thousand shares and come to the next AGM. The slap would would be heard around the world. 


Scary, is ill be buying mine for 30 grand. The suckers that bought the last pp at 1.20 paid almost HALF A MILLION. That's 480 000 dollars. I will get mine for 30 grand or less. Everything is going up, except this Pyle. It was pumped to close the debenture. So oobvious

and for everyone who thinks the mms have been bringing it down, have you ever calculated their loss?  It would be millions. Think enough people have had enough run in with lucatch run companies?  Looks like 


obviously IMHO