TZero is a man among men, one of the finest posters to ever grace this board with his presence. So great in fact another poster created a simular id trying to share in his limelight while constantly targeting the great one, always trying to discredit him yet he never does. Because TZero is real, honest and knowledgable. The wantabee brags about how great he is, yet people know when someone has to brag about themselves, its because they are only great in their own mind. TZero knows he is respected by many, he never has tell the world on a BB how great he is, little men do that.


So when we laugh at this little TZero wantabee, we all know who he is.  He comes to the board for attention but never offers any insight into the company or investing in general.


At least this place gives him some comfort as apparently his life is empty.