well another day is in the books, another NR was issued and the stock is down a half cent to 13 on pretty low volume (600 000 shares roughly according to my td brokerage). The news at least confirms to the bashers out there that the itibiti sale is still progressing, and that the all important due dilligence phase looks to have been completed. So hopefully we should hear about the completion of the deal in the near future.

However it looks more and more that this itibiti deal, or any other partnerships that are announced are not going to cause much of a spike in the price anymore. Seems the market has accepted the fact that the company can make partnerships, and trial deals for their technology with other firms. What they have yet to accept is whether they can generate any significant revenues from these partnerships.

Until the company can prove once and for all that the partnership agreements signed going forward are for real revenue contracts, i don't forsee much sustained movement northward. We will probably still stay in the 12.5-13 cent range since the debentures will prop up the price for a while. But in order to see long lasting movement, we need proof of revenues. At the very least, their spinoff plans are at a standstill till that issue can be assured to the exchange.

Still long, and hoping this is the year the company finally delivers