RoyallyScrewed, Poynt was just acquired by Intertainment.  Please be patient as whatever is being integrated is probably happening as we speak,  You do recall that Poynt has or will have 50 million users?  You do recall that Poynt was ready for bankruptcy and its own autonomy was ending --- in otherwords, it might have become another great idea gone non-existant.  So, the bankruptcy arrangement now has opened its doors to new life.  You do recall that they were big in China?  You can connect the dots that what is going on in Chengdu (Matt Vegh) and China in general will more than likely bring tremendous benefits to the Poynt app and what Intertainement can complete what it started with Poynt when they JV-ed last year?


You do recall that the world did not end on Dec. 21, 2012?  You can perceive that Poynt has new life?