tdot... think about this... and I'm not saying this is the case but it is definitely something to be considered with a company like int.

int has come up with a product that is not gaining any traction and therefore is not generating revenues.  However, they've noticed that while the product failed to get the general public and the online industry excited, it did manage to excite the heck out of a lot of investors.  int may have realized that success of the product isn't essential for them to make money... not when they have so many investors willing to continually put money into their company (even though the product isn't selling).  I mean... think about it... they could very well be exploiting investor money for the purpose of paying themselves.  If they are (exploiting investors) then they know this china deal isn't going anywhere... BUT... it does give them a chance to do another PP so they can continue receiving a hefty salary. If this were the case... I wonder how difficult it would be to prove that that's what they're doing? I wonder, too, how long they can continue doing it?

Again, I'm not saying this is the case but certainly it should be considered.  Especially after this company raised tens of millions of dollars from (ultimately) unsuspecting retail investors and spent it all without increasing revenue one bit.  In fact, after everything was said and done, revs were down!

No one in this world is exempt from compromising their integrity, particularly when it's convenient or beneficial to do so... and that includes DL and his cohorts.  I'm sure most posters on this board have already considered this. It would be nice to hear some comments about it.  I've been involved in two other companies that compromised their integrity with investors and one of them was doing the same thing that int is doing - spending a ton of money trying to grow the business in a direction that has nothing to do with their main stream business or revenue, which in int's case we all know is magnum. A search on securities fraud will elucidate how widespread crime like this is. It would be interesting to hear what others have to say about this kind of malpractice.