Francois, yesterday you saw my dismay wit Star Tek as unreasonable. What you didn't see was that reasons why I dislike that company. Among other things my initial DD turned up several lawsuits. The worst was for securities fraud (linked to below). Shareholders simply do not do their DD here. This has implications as to the trustworthiness integrity of StarTek as a potential supplier to INT.  


Your accusation that I would be negative even if this were a $100,000 contract (can't remember exactly), can be countered by the fact that no shareholder here investigated this company. I also can argue that if this were an agreement with an admired company (Rim, Apple) the shareholders would be all over it with DD of all the wonderful things about that company. 


I think my opinion of Star Tek was valid and justified. What do you think now that you see some more facts?


"the Company and certain of its officers and directors, violated federal securities laws. Specifically, defendants issued false statements concerning strong existing demand for StarTek's outsourced services from four of the Company's customers that accounted for 90% of StarTek's revenue, the Company's healthy sales pipeline and the completion of a management transition and restructuring plan, which artificially inflated StarTek's stock price during the Class Period."



On September 3, 2009, the lead plaintiffs filed a motion for order to preliminarily approve class action settlement. The lead plaintiffs filed a Stipulation of Settlement. The proposed settlement is in the amount of $7,500,000 in cash. On October 22, 2009, Judge Walker D. Miller preliminarily approved the settlement.


Chart that looks a lot like INT's. Sure the stock in having a little bounce right now, but what about all the people who bought at $70! $40! $30!  Frankly, that makes me sick.