10BAGGER: I agree.  The confirmation is right there staring them in the face...if only they knew how to understand it.


It is obvious from the comments of many of the most vocal INT-Longs that they do not know how to intrepret the information in the Financail Statements.  I wonder if some of them even understand the information in the NR's or how to do proper DD. 


I have never before encountered a more clueless group of shareholders/investors than a few of the ones who post here.  I am not convinced that some of them actually own any shares.  I don't mean to imply that all shareholders are not smart......but a few of the most vocal ones nere are clueless... off the scale. They are either stupid...or they rae paid to post here.  No person of normal average I.Q. would post some of the stuff we read here.