Well just for some fun speculation purposes, lets assume that this current agreement with startek, and yet to be announced future agreement with other companies are for actual real revenues. If that is the case, it would be a good assumption that the company will just now start putting together their package for a possible listing to a US major for the spinoff.

The company previously mentioned that the process usually takes 60-90 days to be completed, which should take us into early summer before possibly getting word of approval.

Now if this agreement with startek is more of a trial nature, and not for any hard monies, we can possibly assume future agreements might be of the same nature. Then i think everything will get pushed back in terms of spinoff plans, and other business possibilities. In that case, we might be looking at late summer, maybe even fall for some sort of approval

One other question that the company might not have control over is that usually traders go on vacation in late may, and return in the fall. So to maximize the spinoff, would the company try to do it before the trading off season like last year, or just take their chances and do it whenever.

I do think they will have to make the attempt this year though. Waiting another year to try to do it, might erode whatever confidence the market has left, and in lieu of actual revenue generating contracts, the company might have a hard time moving forward if they cannot continue to get financing they need.

Just a few things to think about when looking to invest in here short to long term