The real time translation is not only relevant, it's also cost effective.

It's an excellent example of COMMERCIALIZATION for a platform like Ortsbo.

How come INT investors can see this and the BASHERS can't?

Quite puzzling.






StarTek's main business is in providing call center support for customer service departments of major United States telecommunication companies. StarTek's two largest customers account for 72% of the business' total revenue. In the 2007 fiscal year The New AT&T accounted for 50.4%; T-Mobile USA (a subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom) 21.8%. To a lesser extent, StarTek also provides outsourcing support to companies in the banking and finance sector, consumer packaged goods/retail, information technology, and insurance. StarTek also provides customer services and technical support for such companies as Qwest, Verizon Wireless Prepay, Cincinnati Bell Wireless, Comcast, and The New AT&T.