infested with cok roaches but I guess that's why SH allows this nonsense and the real purpose behind these boards. You can come on here once in a while to check the sp or inboxes, and be sure to find a whole slew of new maggot aliases, flooding the board, to be put on ignore, again and again.


It's hard to find any "real" investors but easy to find all sorts of PAID leeches and daytraders galore that will say and do anything to carry out their unscrupulous agendas, at any cost. 


All this useless BS just to try to deceive a few (perhaps a handful) gullible investors, traders, and NOTHING more..You scumbags continue to eat, live, and breathe this board on a daily basis, day in and day out.


Continue to do your play by play commentary on every single penny movement, while your precious life passes you by. What am I saying, Geez, I almost forgot that most of ya are here to create banter and follow the script that was assigned, using many different aliases, and many different writing and posting styles.


Most "real" investors that I know, who've had previous investment successes, continue to constantly update their DD with INT. They don't have the time or desire to trade for a penny here, a penny there, but do however, make the time to enjoy every day and their families,


They feel very comfortable with their decision to be patient and go long on this play..It's their choice and money!!..I for one was really excited when I first heard about PB looking to deal with Middle Kingdom Studios, as I truly believe that many good developments for INT/Ortsbo will come out of that arrangement.