Hmmmm, so how interesting is this post from Uranium...... Most certainly worth a repost/reread in case you missed it for all the misfit droppings since originally posted....


"Not sure if it relates to us or not, but I think it must. Real time, GPS-based social media network and branding involved? Sounds like what INT was trying to do with Kowango.


In China, they have some awesome social media apps. Like Weixin, for example. And look where it has to make its money. Gaming! Exactly what Middle Kingdom Studios is looking at, in my opinion. And look at Weixin's functionality. Real-time chat communications with a locational based shuffler (by shaking the phone) you get to see all the people within a 1km radius of you. Perfect for international city nightlife and social media interaction using a multi-language translation technology.


This guy at Middle Kingdom turns deals like this in a matter of a couple of weeks since he came on board. And licenses two of his IP's to build adventure/strategy games? Hoping this all involves Ortsbo.



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