There are many reasons to laugh at those who like this stock. The practical reason for my continued presence is that I have been a master of the game calling this stock so when I make my declaration that a stock is a strong buy people notice and buy a stock I own and we all make money. Its also just a good time watching a bunch of dolts keep a pumping something and has no underlying value. Two years back somebody floated the idea that INT would trade on the Nasdaq and then the pump based on the notion it would be a 10 dollar stock drove the shares above 3 bucks and then the pro traders cleaned and dressed all the future baggies. The worst part is 11 months ago the company admitted by omission that a US listing that had anything remotely to do with the baggies was a fantasy when they put out the poppycock about the reverse takeover on the venture. I got everybody with a brain out above 70 cents but all you dead heads that cant see the forest for the trees are still stuck in the mud. Baseed on what happened yesterday INT should maybe expand the breadth of their websites to attract a new audience