First off welcome back?


Anyway to your tired rant... The he-she accuses me of running SH and being solely responsible for all of his/her banning’s when in fact the he-she has been made responsible for her/his own actions (again and again?).... Firmly plant your feet in place and give that wee head of yours a good shake alright? Salty nuts hey..?. Well considering that RetroINTellect knows of my serious nut, salty or otherwise, allergy; perhaps I will have to report that message as a death threat then?... ;0)~
2fast <with my rope and Epipen?>

on 9/4/2012 2:08:17 PM
"only employees can request.
i let them/you know their biases have been exposed
they/you let me back bc i am more trouble than its worth when i go public with the details of how they state rules, then contradict each one of them through biases aka 2fast4u and dr.ed.
i see it all, and i know it all, the mole talks loud in my ear punk.
so zip your trap, dont talk to me, and munch on my salty nuts moron. you are a zero and do nothing for me one way or another, you are a waste of space who cant keep up my caliber of conversation.
move on are so immature for a 40yr old geezer its nut..."
RetroINTellect - Deceased and then brought back to life deceased and then back again... But for how long based on that first post of accusation against SH, you know the OWNER of this domain....

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