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Not sure why eveyone is posting or even holding onto shares of this stock?  I just noticed there are more posts the RIM!! 

Why?  This comapny is in Richmond Hill and close to my office?  Its small and they share a unit in a large complex. This stock is working on something google already has done with the language barrier for enternet communicaions!!  Also i know why this stock is trading at .10cents and could be going to .01 cents...they have over 350million shares outstanding and nothing else!!  How can this stock be worth 45million??

I would never buy this stock or invest in it as its a small wonder, just my two cents as i have seen this before when back in 1999 when the Nasdaq hit 5000 and all the OTC stocks like this one hit $3 or $4 bucks for no reason!  get out and take your loses...

however here is a junior in gold and is tied in with goldfields and you can read my post below, Check it out even if your not in the gold sector or juniors like i am! 


Hi All

Fjordland Exploration (FEX.V)

This is one of my favorite juniors on a joint venture! They have been around for a while and have the largest land positions in Canada for a Junior. Top management and they have done so well that the share price is so low the upside is exciting.

My target price on this one is .50cents to $1dollar at a market cap of 40million shares to 80million. News pending on the woodjam property joint venture by Godlfields will continue to add value and takeover of (WCC.V) 60% spin off in ownership by FEX.V and 40% of CRB.V

top ten reasons to own this stock

1. Very low share price at .015 cents. and over 5million shares on the bid over 30 orders!! (check tmx.ca)

2. Goldfields is the joint venture on woddjam property and news pending this month on more results 7000m at least.

3. Fjorldand with 60% spin out of shares of WCC.V

4. Management of Woodjamb Consolidated Copper Corp is 50% Fjordland managers.

5. Goldfields owns only 51% of WCC.V and will spend millions already options to make it up to 70%

6. WCC.V insiders have been buying like crazy on the stock in November and December of 2012.

7. Takeover by Goldfields is in the near future 2014 target.

8. Fjordland has the largest land coverage of all juniors in British Columbia and many majors.

9. Multiple joint ventures exist for this junior and new ones for the future.

10. Fjordland is in joint venture with another top junior Serengeti Resouces.

Going forward into January this junior along with WCC.V and CRB.V is exciting due to Goldfields doing all the drilling and spending! There is no doubt about it when a top class miner is involved like goldfields and you have a penny stock hit by the markets. This story is a great one and dirt cheap to get in!

lets hope gold maintains its story for 2013!

Read more at http://www.stockhouse.com/bullboards/messagedetail.aspx?p=0&m=31986060&l=0&r=0&s=FEX&t=LIST#KfsmEEzdxY2tYImc.99