Here's some hard truth. For this to reach 1.00, there needs to be revenue. At 1.00, that equates to a 400 million dollar market cap. 

What amount of earnings do you think they might need to generate at even a 30x multiplier to reach that share price?  15 million?  How much do they do now?  5 million?  Market cap now is 52 million. Thats a x10. They would need to increase sales 800% to reach a dollar - 40 million. 

With zero fulfilled promises last year and thus far this year, what are the odds. 

Is anything in this company going to add up to a 400 million market cap?

think of the deals they need to sign to bring in 40 million a year.  But the CEO was taking a million a year in compensation....... 

Anyone starting to see the light yet?  It's a train.