Birch: I don't think I know everything.  Overconfidence can be costly when you are investing.  I know from experience....and I try not to go there anymore.


You should have realized long ago that my on-line "know-it-all" personality is an "act"....designed to annoy a certain group of people who post here and they shall remain nameless protect the guilty and the dumb. 


It's all in jest. Why else would I have a Turkey Vulture named Herman...who is a genius investor... who taught me everything I know about investing......for my business partner?


I am actuallly quite humble....and my modesty prevents me for telling you how great I really am.....ooops...there I go again......force of habit I guess.


You seem upset.  I actually think you are one of the more honest and sincere posters here.  I like you...and I read your posts.  I may have ranted at you for something you posted but I don't hold any grudge against you.  Everyday is a new day and I try not to let any dispute with another poster carry-over.  Start fresh each day is my motto.  I say forgive and forget.  Holding a grudge can wreck your health.


I guess I can't please everybody.


Good Luck with INT and Good Night.