you are entitled to your view, mine still is this is a good stock to day/swing trade, with a possibility to be much more long term. I think i have been straight forward previously in saying that they will need those revenue contracts at some point in order to have a chance of being listed on the nasdaq, and possibly long term being financially viable. But we are not even remotely close right not in regards to talking about  bankruptcy with int, especially since they have been able to secure financining whenever they need it, and this with a company with little to no revenues at the moment, and high cash burn.

You have to admit ANBCA, for a speculative venture company in challenging market conditions, it is impressive they can raise the funds they do with that sort of current balance sheet. Obviously someone likes the possible future prospects here. So for me, still a hold on my long shares, and you better bet it is still a fine daytrading stock when you get the right price