the selling is actually pretty easy to explain at the moment. The company stated in their last news release prior to the  new year that they would be updating the market regulariy on their activities. Since jan 1, 2013 we have gotten 1 nr on the china partnership, 1 on the poynt buyout, and 1 fluff nr stating nothing. We initially had a spike of buying occur just after jan 1, 2013 on speculation of something more substantial like revenue contract announcements. Since nothing has been released yet, and there is no expectation that it will be released soon judging by the insiders selling, all those traders and speculators that bought in previously in the 11 cent range and higher are now liquidating for greener shorter pastures. Thus the downward slide. But like anything in life, their will be a correction upward again, as their is alot of news due for the company. The problem is we don't know when those nr's will be released, and thus people are not willing to tie up their money here at the moment.

But like i said, closer to when revenue news might be announced, you will see a spike in volume and price again, just a matter of time.