I had to find and read this post with a title like that. Let's face it folks, "real" investors that hold that many shares WOULD NOT come on here and announce garbage like that. They have more class than that.


This is just another scumbag member of the pack, who owns NO SHARES trying to induce some selling in his own freakin' mind only. This is done just for affect purposes only!


After reading their post headings, I see several regulars continually keep responding to the maggots, just like they WANT you to, which is really unfortunate, unless you're part of their efan game.


It's best to starve and ignore the delusional PAID con jobs!...........Good diggin' Rob M ~ keep up the great work!.......Things will continue to come together nicely with time. Sizzlin, please check your inbox!


G'nite ~ SUPER LONGS!!