TZero, you got that right! If ortsbo was such an amazing technology that everyone prefers over the competition, why was int paying 500k per month to keep the users coming?  And why did the user base drop drastically when they stopped paying for it?  If the users on ortsbo were genuine and organic they would not have suddenly disappeared when int stopped funding their visits.  Try doing a search on "Language Translation" and see what comes up.  Why would such a popular, well liked and advanced technology not even show up in the first several pages of various search engines?  David seems to have gotten good at one thing over the years and it aint increasing shareholder value... it's more like... creating the illusion of high traffic. 

Looking back, I wonder who made the offer to buy ortsbo for 30m.  Why weren't there any subsequent offers? Is it possible that Ortsbo was unsellable?  Think about it... if int was paying 250k to 500k a month to keep their monthly traffic at over 200m users then that would mean that whoever buys Ortsbo would have to do the same thing.  Who in their right mind would pay 30m for a site that doesn't generate any revenue and costs half a mil a month to maintain the traffic???  Hey.... wait a second.... isn't that what int did???  Why, Yes!!!  That's exactly what they did!  They bought Ortsbo for 24 million dollars knowing that it wasn't generating revenues and not knowing if it ever will.  And... low and behold... to date, ortsbo still hasn't generated anywhere near justifiable revenues (if any at all).  It seems like a scam, no? hmmmmm.......

So, where's those contracts that were supposed to be announced? Patrick said that one would be announced within 2 to 3 days. It's been about 8 wks now and nothing has been announced.  What's up with that??? Was that just a crockoshiat coming out of Patricks mouth?  Seems like it.

And now their talking about a U.S. listing???

And whatever happened to the lawsuits that int filed against sh posters?  They announced their loss against the fund mgr that filed a suit against int for breach of contract and misrepresentation... you'd think they'd be eager to announce a win against the sh posters they've been spending our money on suing.  Unless... there never really was a lawsuit or they filed one and lost.

And what's up with Lexifone?  I thought Lexifone was some kind of great investment!  And now int is saying that to own more of this fantastic company isn't conducive to the int way of doing things??? Yeah... okay... whatever.

At first, I thought of int like a sister of kinds. I was protective and supportive. But not any more. No question, interesting things are gonna happen to this company.