This link is a great article on "gamification". If I remember correctly it was mentioned at the AGM that the focus of Orstbo will be less towards average everyday chat users and more towards a commerical version aimed at businesses, etc. I think it is a great move given the potential. In my opinion this monetization strategy needs to be followed all across the board in regards to Ortsbo's next chapter of corporate strategy components.

For example, Gamification: (there are lots of big international companies and this is a great selling feature)

Gamification will be the Big Data App for Business.
Gamification generates a wealth of behavior data, allowing organizations to gain valuable insights into specific customer and employee activities across their digital touch points, including their website, mobile app and more. Companies will use this data to determine what content and experiences are high-value versus those that are not, and see how customer actions correlate with business success. With gamification, they’ll be able to clearly see the behaviors employees perform across applications and truly understand what motivates them, with a closed-loop process to further incentivize the most valuable behaviors with engagement mechanics.

 ............................. etc, etc see link.

 ** Ortsbo Gamification provides cross-language functionality for online games, a huge theme for the increasingly online and global player phenomenon. In fact, online gaming is a $40B a year industry and growing.


Ortsbo is already involved as a "friend" with This is an intresting idea that 'rewards' people with gaming access for physical activity, etc. Nothing to do with language translation that I can see however the fundamental concept is a good one and if implemented on a much larger scale would be great for international team building and international/multilingual big business enviroments .... where the big $$$ is.

The other two lines Ortsbo is focusing on Global Commercial Communications; and Cross-Language Social Networks can all be implemented in a similar fashion.

Just thinking out loud lol.