"Ortsbo translation is far superior to Google Translate, so I think it would be a smart move for Google."


Sizzlin, Ortsbo is just an interface between the user and the Google translation engine (and others). So with that said, how can "I" be superior to "Me"? That is why Ortsbo is a 'No sell' to date. How do you sell something when the functional guts of it do not belong to you and the window dressing (interface) that you put on it is really no different than a multitude of other translator interfaces offered in cyberspace and are also free of charge? To top that off the owners of these engines have and are continuing to develop their own specialized interfaces for specific applications. Why would anyone pay for a middleman when that middleman offers nothing more than what the source offers? If some company bought McDonalds Big Macs then put their own wrapper on it and jacked the price by 25 cents, would you buy it or would you just go to McDonalds and buy their Big Mac and save the quarter?


All I have ever seen this company do to date is sell shares in fantasies...and even that has become a hard sell.