SizzlinSteaks -1/15/2013 10:28:49 PM

....if Google became a client of Ortsbo.


It would be mutually beneficial considering Ortsbo has superior translations and Google has thousands of paying clients. You can bet their cleints want the most accurate translations, particularly if they are paying for it.... and I would imagine if Google does nothing about it, then they will eventually start to lose clients to Ortsbo anyways. 

 Think about it!

Seems like the perfect client to me....... and that certainly would be an NR to drive our SP to the moon.


Sizzlin where have you been for the past several months.  It has been proven on this board by several posters...the latest one being Tgarfield...that Ortsbo uses Google's API.  Ortsbo uses Google's Translation Engine. Have you been drinking tonight?
So let me get this straight: You are saying that you imagine Google licensing from Ortsbo...the rights to use Ortsbo's translation services which uses Google's own machine translation software?  So Google would charge their customers to use their own software...for services they currently provide for free.....and they would pay a fee to Ortsbo...who uses Google's translation API?  You seem to be saying that Ortsbo enhances Google's translation software output to such a great extent that users will want to use Ortsbo..and pay a free....rather than to use the free Google application?  Do you think that Google's engineers are probably incapable of matching Ortsbo's enhancements? 
Yeahhhhhhh.......I see how that makes sense.  Let me have another couple of Manhattans...and I'll double up on the Bourbon....then your idea should make even more sense. 
Whoa......Ya gotta love the creative minds we have on this baord.  It's a real treat.  Seriously....ya can't make this stuff up.  No other Board has thinkers like we got here.  We are truly blessed.