Yes, that would be great, but that ship sailed long ago I think.  I've heard that before.  Perhaps it still might happen, but time will tell.  Either or, in the immediacy of this, there is no suggestion that it will.  That's all I got to go on and although that would be good, I will just believe in the tooth fairy until such time.  Because, that;'s really all your post means at this point, just to be objective.  That's just plain pumpin!  I imagined a world where Ortsbo was better than google and posted that many times here too.  where Ortsbo controlled world wide chat and everyone else was just a plug in...Breaking down the tower of Babel.   Anyway, perhaps more a dream than a pump, but It doesn't appear that this dream will happen.  But who knows.  I don't.  I can't tell you the webs they are going to weave.  So, I'm pretty useless here, but will admit that.