A 'storm' had just subsided over the desert as three severely 'dehydrated' men approached a pool of muddy water on their long trek home.  A few rain drops had quenched their thirst during the storm but each craved what laid before them.

The first man, daft with his decision, dropped to his knees and filled his belly with the muddy water ... an hour passed but he did not live to see the next.

The second man, more cautious, waited for the mud to settle ... when he thought the water was ripe, he took his fill and carried on his way ... only to fall ill a few miles up the trail.

The third man, he waited and waited for the water to distill .. almost to the point of death.  Then with no one around to share his fill, he drank the pristine water.


It's Jan. 15th and INT just disclosed the PYN deal yesterday ... So tell me how impatient are you in?