ddubs75, you make a good point, the Venture is replete of fully licensed trappers.  But look who owns 50% of PYN ... INT.  I have faith in our management and ultimately that 'was' the difference between PYN and INT.

I'll reiterate some recent news that investors tend to forget as the days pass, Bultema, "We are pleased to now have partners and customers moving ahead in all these areas (customer care, gamification, and specialized social networks). This represents validation of our market and product focus, and also for the monetization model and business plans associated with our markets, solutions, and products." Beginning after the first of the year, the company will routinely provide updates on customers and partners along each of these business lines.

"We have also reached a key point in the development of the company," says Bultema. "We now have key executives, leadership, technology, operations, and customer teams in place." In effect, Ortsbo is now functioning as a free standing company. Intertainment Media continues to provide board and financial oversight and resourcing, but even this stands to be transferred as part of the stand alone and the proposed spin-out process."


You can listen to what the company has to say .. what Patrick Bultema has to say, or you can listen to some chump(s) from the rat pack who want to buy your cheap shares.