CousinWoolie:  You are being swarm attacked verbally by Team-Pumper.... but unfortunately for them....their weapons are ineffective.  They are like a bunch of fleas biting at the toe of a Tiger.


Have you ever your vast experience...a more inept clueless bunch of so-called investors?  They are among the finest examples of Low Information Investors I have ever seen....anywhere.


Low information investors.....aka INT-Long Pumpers.....are people who purchase shares, but who are generally poorly informed about the company....and about doing  proper DD.....and about investing in general.  They think they are smart investors but they usually become baggies as more experienced investors outsmart them and take thir money over and over again.  They are basically clueless.  It is any wonder why so many of them are facing huge losses?


Woolie..In Your Opinion:

1) Do you think this price rally has run out of steam? 

2) Do you think the SP is headed back to 14 cents?