Anytime I'm feeling unsure about my investment in INT

I simply go back and read the previous NR's

I then ask myself. "Has there been any BAD News"?

The answer is NO

12 Sep

A New Automated Voice Translation service offered by Lexifone


In new developments in voice translation, the Israeli company, Lexifon is doing considerably well. Lexifon provides customers with automated voice translation, from any phone and they expect to more than triple their sales annually in their first few years of operation. This voice translation allows for medical translation, as well as for business needs.


Lexifone was launched a few weeks ago and their automated, voice translation app can transmit and translate calls to over 100 countries in 15 different languages and dialects. The new voice translation software and technology used by Lexifone, seems to be breaking into the market and being welcomed by users. This new and innovative voice translation product changes the way people communicate with its main focus being the people communicating, and not the technology being utilised. Lexifone and their new voice translation offering are set to take their service further abroad as they are already working with BT Group and Telefonica to offer its service to their customers, and are discussing a pilot with AT&T in Texas. They are also in talks with the United States government and will shortly launch their voice translation software in Mexico.

Innovative and convenient voice translation

Lexifone is set to enjoy tremendous success and with their new offering; an innovative and convenient voice translation product used for legal translation services and other business requirements, it’s easy to see why. They have even been backed by Intertainment Media of Canada, which paid $2 million for a 25 percent stake in the company and has an option to buy the rest for an undisclosed price.