"But that in no way makes you safe from being sued, it just takes a little longer to track you."


If someone wanted to sue me just have their lawyer inbox me and I will provide all the information that you need. Problem is Shake, sue me for what? Don't talk in generalities. Pick just one of my posts that if a person was inclined and they knew my real identity, could sue me over. Go ahead and pick a post...but you won't because you know that no such post exists.


Your problem is you are a senior child. Some worthless pumper seduced you into buying this on the lure of easy money, and now that you realize that you foolishly put too much money into this, and the pumper lied and the company can not be straight with you, you do the only logical and civil thing...You threaten posters on a message board.


Buddy, people like you deserve everything that you are getting.  Now show me a post that I could potentially be sued over, or are you just going to continue to make up stories about me (Lie)? I really don't expect you to man up on this issue. Continue to advertise what you and you ilk are really made of.