I don't agree investman.  If shorts are posting FACTS and the stock actually does go down... what's so disgusting about it?  If a long posts FACTS and the stock goes up... what is so disgusting about that?  They are both posting fact based opinions that is later reflected in the movement of the stock.  Even if the stock doesn't move in accordance with their opinion.... if their opinion is logical and fact based then why is it disgusting?  Stock investors, as fact based as their opinions can be, can be wrong.  Do you know how many celebrities were turned down by agencies that didn't see the value in them?  And to think that these same celebrities went on to become big stars under the management of a different agency.  Int may become a long term success... a household name... an oem around the world.  that possibility exists. It's in my opinion that, at this point, any success that int has will be short lived, if lived at all, unless they are generating significant revs to sustain it. And that's significant as in being able to impact the eps of 400 million shares.  It's just my opinion and I will probably keep posting it as much as others are posting theirs. I actually enjoy your posts because they are civil and you're open to debate. Others on this board, as was I at one time, are not. It's a battle of the minds, sort of speaking, kills the boredom and teaches us lots.  Certainly better than only hang out with ppl who always agree with me, imo.