I wasn't the only one that was told by Patrick Bultema that a NR announcing a signed contract would be released within 3 days.  Dave told us that patrick will answer our questions after the meeting and several of us gathered around him at that time and asked questions.  Mine were about the signed contracts and when they would be announced.  Many were witness to what he said.  But why are you focusing on what I say.  Just read the transcript where patrick bultema said that we would get news out in weeks... not months!

The initial stage of really focus, following what was the opportunity for Ortsbo, aligning and tuning the technology over the summer, and now this fall we are in the process of actually rolling that out into customer wins and successes that we will be getting you news on over the next weeks.

So we're not talking about months.

Over the next weeks we will be able to start talking about these customers going live in these three market initiatives.

Great. Thank you so much.


Thank you, Patrick.

Again, Patrick will be available afterwards to answer some questions, and we can direct some of the questions at the end of the presentation.