Hello Mark, i do respect your opinion but if i remeber correctly the fund that was shorting INT is no longer trading (i maybe wrong and will correct myself if anyone can provide a link for today's fund value) but The Globe and Mail did retract themselves from the author. The link where The globe and mail article was posted is no longer valid. Personnally i will not go that far in saying tha shorters are all liars nor will i ever say that pumpers are always right. Those 2 kind of individual do have a mission easy to understand.The only problem that i have with those articles (from Nick Abe and his other alias that i do not have on top of my mind) were erroneous at least on some parts. For example if i remember well the article it was mentionned that NO OTHER companies were using unique visitors as a valid traffic counter. How about the other using the same than INT? How about the fact that this gentleman wrote that he was able to build a language translator in very little time and was putting it on sale (same as one of the poster her did some time ago)? You see Mark, i will respect the opinion of anybody (here or anywhere) as long as their opinion is based upon fact. I hate pumpers using expression s like 'to the moon' without any susbtance and i definitely hate bashers that are doing the same. Now as far as the AGM i am still under the impression that the amount DL was referring t were the amount of money needed to sustain ALL expenses related to the traffic generation NOT paying to get traffic in. Again this is my opinion and will not force you in it.  François