Francois, ever wonder why int didn't take action against this guy for outright accusing them of "fixing the books"?  It's no surprise, especially in light of the cliff dive their user (or should I say... visitor) base took recently, that these articles are still online.  Maybe... int knew that seekingalpha had made some valid points and that they (int) would never be able to sustain the number of visitors they were generating for themselves.  I mean... think about it.  They announce at the AGM that their plan to generate revenues wasn't working... oh, and btw... it was costing us close to half a mil a month for the past year and a half before we realized it wasn't working.  Let me repeat that... we spent almost all the money we had on our hopes that artificial traffic would generate substantial revenues and we kept doing it month after month for over a year and a half before we realized that the amount of revenue being generated was so insignificant that it wasn't worth it to keep going.  DUH!!!  Was there a point where revenues WERE significant that would justify their continuing? Or were they always insignificant and DL continued pumping the he ll out of it because he was making 400k, 300k, 250k, respectively year over year over year from shareholder interest.

To be honest, after misleading shareholders the way they have... it wouldn't surprise me if seekingalpha is one of DL's cohorts.

As far as short or long investing goes... I could care less what people do... as long as they post facts to support their position and not a bunch of self-serving rubbish.  tophat has lost all credibility by saying that all shorts (in otherwords, anyone that doesn't think the stock will go up) are liars.  That's just plain stupid and serves no purpose other than to bash.  Where's the proof?  he doesn't even provide food for thought!!!  Nada!!! Just.... "anyone who shorts is a liar".

And, btw, I'm not shorting this stock nor have I ever shorted it.