Well the articles Mark posted recently are frigtening BUT they must be taken in the right context. The writer (Nick Abe, aka Nicholas Abe) was shorting INT with on of his funds (Alpha Macro Strategic Fund ...a hedge fund...) and most of his posts on Seeking Alpha were toward Intertainment Media as HE WAS SHORTING THE STOCK. (By the way when looking at it's way of writing stuff, there is at least one poster in here that do ressemble to this guy almost to the point we could say that this poster here is Nick Abes). In any case, if the original article would have been so great, why would The Globe and Mail remove it from file? Do you think they remove the article because it was the truth or simply wrong accusations?  Also, at what price are actually trading shares of the writer fund's? are they still trading as i cannot find anywhre that fund. So i will interpret that article as being made only to profit from investors selling INT at the time and that the shorting fund would make a profit out of them. Oh and before anybody ask i do not see the difference between pumpers who will pump on purpose of profiting themselve. François