trustee, Brad Perry also pointed out that they have 15000 shareholders.  This came up during my visit to their office when he was explaining... actually... when he was defending selective disclosure.  But even the questions that could be answered without compromising the rules, such as, "When fan talk was integrated with ortsbo was there a change in IP address that would justify the nose dive in traffic as indicated in the alexa traffic chart", couldn't be answered because Brad wasn't a "technical" person... just the Chief Marketing Officer.

350,000,000 divided by 15,000 is a whopping 23,333.3 shares each.

Interesting to note that Ortsbo marketing was based on the number of users they have, yet the CMO couldn't answer a question regarding the massive plunge in Ortsbo user base. His credibility went out the window at that point.

So much for your shareholder theory.