Gilver, you know that I've been around this board for a couple of years now.  And, until recently, have always supported this company.  I do not lie about my beliefs nor do I encourage anyone to buy or sell.  I simply post my perspectives and discoveries.  I am not here for any other reason than that.  You can say that it investing in int "will" be worth it (as you just did) but in reality, you really don't know how it is going to turn out.  What I do know beyond a questionable doubt is that on Nov 28, 2012 Patick Bultema declared at the AGM that several contracts would be released over the next 3 weeks - one of which was supposed to be released within 3 days of the AGM.  I wouldn't be overly concerned with that if it wasn't for David Lucatch announcing that the 200 million unique monthly users that ortsbo was receiving were being generated at a cost of $250,000 to $500,000 dollars per month.  And, to top it all off... they weren't able to generate any worth while revenue from that "experiment"; which, btw, was funded with shareholder money.  In other words... the user base that they led people on to believe was organic, was, in actuality, being paid for with our money. They also recently declared that they lost a law suit filed against them for breach of contract and misrepresentation. When I put 2 and 2 together... that is to say... their enthusiasm about having over 200 million users when in fact they were paying for them, and their losing a law suit that claimed they breached a contract and misrepresented themselves... it raises grave concern as to the ethics of the individuals running this company.

When I made a visit to Intertainment's office in Richmond Hill a couple of months ago, Brad Perry showed very little concern about his investors in response to my comment about owning over 70,000 shares at a much higher price than where it was trading at.  In fact, he was very, very quick to point out that Intertainment Media does not make any money on retail trading of their stocks.  It was a comment that I found quite insulting and devaluing to their supporters.  I actually had to point out to Mr. Perry that if it wasn't for us retail traders... they would never be able to find anyone to broker a placement for them.  I was surprised, to say the least, that he de-emphasized our importance to their existance.  But hey... with what I've been finding out about int and company... it's starting to make sense.

Today is 3 weeks since the agm and the only thing that they've disseminated are fund raisers.  And apparently this is all okay in your books, gilver.  If that is indeed the case then we are two completely different animals.  I cannot support a company that comprimises their integrity the way I've seen Intertainment Media compromise theirs.  You may be able to, as well as others on this board, but it's not part of my investment strategy.  As inexperienced as I am... integrity means a lot to me. 

After two years of supporting int I am somewhat embarrassed to say that the naysayers were right... particularly Tzero, and others that post with fact and soundness.  And, with that said, I should probably make a public apology for bashing them... as I did make public the actual bashing.

Do your own DD, gilver... and follow your own heart... but know that not all naysayers are "bashers".  And not all naysayers have alterior motives. In fact, if you are honest you'd have to admit that the naysayers have been right since $3.35 and you and I, et al... have been wrong.  Of course, there's always one other angle that deserves mentioning... if you keep saying it will go up.... you may eventually be right.  Eventually....