I've learned over the years, the SP doesn't usually move significantly until deals have Venture approval, period.


I've a very good feeling about the monetization drive about to bear many fruits on INT's tree.  Lexiphone alone could make this company, with us holding only 25%, if they sign with AT&T.  What's the U.S. now, about 40% Spanish speaking? lol  I am literally praying INT get's the cash to exercise it's option in Lexiphone before the deadline.


Peanut deals with most the call centres in North America could make INT/Ortsbo an Elephant. hehe


D.L. was very honest.  Cash burn has scared them too.  Sauvy investors didn't do the honorable thing of investing in the last PP.  "They are sitting on the bid." instead.  He also told people it's "perfectly legal" to have the best trading autobot and have the last trade a down tick, as many have witnessed on critical days. 


Settling the lawsuit was better than having uncertainty around this play.  I think INT could have won the case in court,, but what would that cost and what would it do to the SP?  At this point 2 million is literally peanuts, if you really think about it.


Buy, sell or hold.  I'm holding stronger than ever.