biren, I think the question to be asked here is how much revenue WAS itibiti generating for int, and how much revenue may they be generating in any new contract if any new contract is ever signed.  As far as I can tell, Int has grouped income from all technology based operations into one lump so it's hard to tell exactly how much income/losses itibiti was responsible for and how much of their operating expenses it consumed.  If itibiti was bringing in, for example, income of 500k and int announces a new contract for a mil a year for the next 3 years... that's really only increasing income by 500k.  Of course, operating expenses will play a part in this too.  They'd better have many impressive contracts coming down the pipes to influence eps...

From their 2012 year end:

...Segmented Information
The Company's core operations are divided into two segments: Graphic Services and New Media.
Graphic Services refers to Magnum; New Media refers to Intertainment Media’s amalgamated New Media
business units as well as the Ortsbo subsidiaries. The Graphic Services segment designs and
manufactures printed promotional and commercial goods. The New Media segment operates new media
platforms and programs for the web, mobile devices and desktop computers.

Statement of Operations Disclosure 2012 2011
Graphic Services
Sales to customers 2012 - $3,829,885... 2011 - $5,034,106
Corporate 2012 - $154,500 -
New Media
Sales to customers 2012 - $747,485... 2011 - $290,584
Total 2012 - $4,731,870.... 2011 - $5,324,690