Hi, me and a few others have exhausted every lead to find the patent that ortsbo says it has and is referred to in this press release.


The broadcast can be viewed at www.liveandglobal.com/joecarter/ as well as via select streaming partners. Rob V. Budhwa, runner up in SportsNets' sports talk show competition, will host the hour long broadcast and will ask questions from fans around the world in over 50 languages while viewers will be able to watch the Q&A in the language of their choice with Ortsbo's patented multi-lingual closed captioning.


Just wondering if anyone has any insight into this patent... like maybe orstbo has the licence rights for it from the actual registered holder of the patent.

We just find it odd to have this patent publicized but elusive. Im sure some folks may have made investment decisions on that news relating to the patent.