Glad you liked it Longride...I liken these hampsters to creepy cute vermon, that the big houses TEMPLES  unlease onto Canadian Investors that they call SHEEPLE...without reservation...why we pay taxes ...I have no idea, the corruption is obvious...if you look at the RSI however it still stands whatever they are saying or doing will only cause harm to an investor if he has not bottomed, and that is not their intention...they just want to harm an investor who eventually gives up hope, because of their ridiculous repetitive posts and insults, it will recover from what I have been watching, rather quickly, on any good all I can say is, hang in if you if you have any resources left....these creeps will run the minute the Temple says enough...and that will probably be sooner than later.

The only ones they want to hurt is us...cause the longs visit this board, to keep up on news...what they present in very crude past and crud and twisted versions of the truth.   Theybcaused the SP to go down to where it is...don't forget that!