Money pretty much solves anything in the business world so you never know but I would think it's just taking time to hash it all out and 2 weeks to get the news out about the winning bid and how it all comes down sounds about right to me. I would also say however that the longer it takes to get the news out COULD mean more than one bid but again I'm just guessing about that but it does sound logical to me.

They have 10 "real" business days until the end of the month not saying news can't come in the Christmas week because it could but probably not too great of odds that it will but yes it could, the 24th is a half day 27th will be a hangover day and the 28th will be more quiet than a normal quiet Friday and then the 31st is another half lazy get out early to celebrtae the new year kind of day, so 10 business days in my mind to get any and all news out before month / year end.