Is Tgarfield and TZero more knowledgeable and experienced than Patrick Bultema (Ortsbo's President)???


Patrick Bultema


CEO, CodeBaby

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Patrick Bultema is CEO of CodeBaby, a new media, internet software company providing innovations for online customer experience and conversion metrics. Throughout his career, Patrick Bultema has been recognized as an industry and company maker. He has served as an executive, venture investor, board member, and advisor to tens of venture-financed startups. He was most recently a Venture Partner with vSpring Capital. He was CEO of XAware, and CEO of FrontRange Solutions, a global CRM software company. He was a founder and Executive Chairman of Knowlix, and was Chairman and General Manager of the Help Desk Institute, then a Ziff-Davis company.

A noted author and speaker, Patrick is recognized as one of leading experts in the customer industry ... throughout his career bringing together technology and customer experience. He was founding Executive Editor of Customer Support Management Magazine, and has been a thought leader in the CRM space. Patrick holds a Bachelor’s degree from California State University and a Master’s from Princeton.